Sunday, June 17

You're Doing It Wrong

Saw a good minor example of "you're doing it wrong" today. After completing my duties at one of the local public facilities, just as I finish washing my hands and turn for the door, I see a guy burst in, wash his hands, then go into the cubicle. Wait, what?

Additionally, god I wish I'd had my phone on me this afternoon. I saw an awesome classic mullet. There're quite a few mullets around here, but they're mostly trendy Jappo mullets, all fashionable and shit. They're still mullets though. But this dude today, holy shit. Classic business-up-front, party-out-back mullet - flat-top, shorn sides, and hair going halfway down his back looking all unwashed and hell of icky. Fucking epic mullet, and I wish I could've shared it with y'all.


Z. said...

I'm holding out for a "Great Mullets of the Far East" Flickr set. Get on that, man! ;)

Maoman said...

I occasionally wash my hands before and after - especially if I've been in places teeming with other people's bacteria, like public transport systems.

Stefan said...

The guy washing his hands must have been a chemicist. He probably knows exactly what he's doing.

Boyd R. Jones said...

I like the way the Asians seem to have their own fashion sense and don't give a darn about what is currently fashionable (e.g., hair styles) in the West.

I think washing your hands before and after is a good idea.