Tuesday, April 25

That's no good, it just looks like a vagina.

Rarely seen behind-the-scenes footage of Gladiator unveiled.

The Borrowers

So, I'm a tool. So far, in the space of a few weeks, I've managed to lose:

  • All the data - including the MP3s I had yet to back up, which was about half of them - on my hard-drive, by blindly reformatting the whole fucking thing.
  • A 1-Gig USB drive with my email and bookmarks and work from the past couple of months on it.
  • My fucking digital camera.
Socks I can deal with. Loose change, big deal. Even my keys. But FFS, this is just getting retarded.

Monday, April 17

Once More into the Breech...

Yeah yeah. No lofty promises this time though. Self-imposed semi-exile from the Intarwebs complete, shit being gotten together. See, I even prettied up the place. And semi-exile because aside from work, teh intarnets are pretty much being entirely used for World of Warcraft. That shit is addictive. Like the crack fairy flies in your window and sprinkles magical fairy crack dust all over the keyboard every night while you sleep.

Oh, and if any of you lot have Skype, throw the details up here or something. I'll look up my name on it and edit it in here or something later. But it's like 1am and I (sadly) spent about 3 and a half of the past four hours whupping the shit out of Wailing Caverns and so I'm tired.