Sunday, June 12

Well that failed.

Bugger left his bloody cellphone at home, so no backstage goodies for me. Poopies. And even the "dumb foreigner" card failed, which is highly unusual.

Concert was class though. If I can dig up any photos online tomorrow or Monday I'll post 'em up here - couldn't take any of my own 'cause I lent my camera to (flatmate) Brian for his two-week vacation to China, which he is presently in the middle of.

Saturday, June 11

Yeah yeah

So I'm a lazy prick. Suck it.

Anyway, tomorrow night I'm finally heading out to my first proper concert here - Wu Bai & China Blue (l/p: waterbee6/eebretaw6). Wasn't too convinced about whether or not to go, despite the fact I really do dig their latest CD, but got talked into it by a friend of Kevin (Lakulaku owner) - and that friend turned out to be Xiao Zhu, the bassist and band leader for China Blue. Me, Kevin, and Kaori ended up spending like 3 hours chilling out and drinking with Xiao Zhu and some of his mates, during which he ended up talking me into going to the concert. Now, for you Kiwis still reading, this will mean nothing, but considering Wu Bai & China Blue are basically the godfathers of Taiwanese rock, and have been going hard for like 13 years and still kick ass, and are famous as hell, this was a fucking trip and a half. So I'm thinking I might try and weasel my way back stage tomorrow night too.

EDIT: Some music video clips available here.

In other news - I've finally got my ticket back to NZ booked. I'm flying out from Taipei on the 28th of June, flying via Bangkok to Auckland, and staying 'till the 11th of July.