Sunday, October 15


So for the past few days I've been on a major jazz kick, after being driven by Jolin and her ilk to the point where I was about ready to fucking give up on music altogether. I was sorting through my CDs the other day and found my copy of A Love Supreme, and after throwing it into iTunes I remembered why I enjoy that shit. So since then I've been trying to find a decent record store around here with a good selection of jazz (IN BEFORE "lol download it"), and managed to grab a copy of The Blues and the Abstract Truth on an Intarwebs recommendation, with a good half-dozen other CDs lined up for the next few weeks. Also finally realized that Blue Note is like 1km up the road from the new apartment, so that's a large serving of win too.

To close, enjoy this shit - Miles Davis and John Coltrane performing So What from the album Kind of Blue:

MP3 downloads:
John Coltrane - Acknowledgment (track 1 from A Love Supreme)
Miles Davis - So What (track 1 from Kind of Blue)

Saturday, October 14

lol internet

lolz i'm drinking and internetting

Thursday, October 12


firin mah lazer
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EDIT: Jesus Christ you cockholsters, at least read some of the rest of the blog. Fucking Google leeches, you're lucky I don't just lemonparty this.

Friday, May 26

And this is why Taiwan is inevitably doomed to failure....

This is, believe it or not, a campaign commercial for a guy running for Taipei City council. Yes, all of Taiwanese politics is more or less this retarded.

Wednesday, May 10

I have a band of men, and all they do is play for me.

In a sign of everything that is messed up, wrong, and cool about this country, banners have been flying from lampposts Taipei wide announcing June's big event:

The "British Elvis" is making his way to these shores, July 20. And who, the few of you who are too daft and/or foreign to miss the reference in the title may ask, is the "British Elvis"?

Englebert. Motherfucking. Humperdinck.

This is possibly the only remotely cool possible "big-name" *coughcough* concert to hit Taipei of late, coming as it does in a series with Paul Anka, Andy Williams, and Air Supply. Yeah, we rocking it hardcore here, Far Eastside, biatch.

Now all I need to do is find out if he's going to do that song and I may actually consider it.

Tuesday, April 25

That's no good, it just looks like a vagina.

Rarely seen behind-the-scenes footage of Gladiator unveiled.

The Borrowers

So, I'm a tool. So far, in the space of a few weeks, I've managed to lose:

  • All the data - including the MP3s I had yet to back up, which was about half of them - on my hard-drive, by blindly reformatting the whole fucking thing.
  • A 1-Gig USB drive with my email and bookmarks and work from the past couple of months on it.
  • My fucking digital camera.
Socks I can deal with. Loose change, big deal. Even my keys. But FFS, this is just getting retarded.

Monday, April 17

Once More into the Breech...

Yeah yeah. No lofty promises this time though. Self-imposed semi-exile from the Intarwebs complete, shit being gotten together. See, I even prettied up the place. And semi-exile because aside from work, teh intarnets are pretty much being entirely used for World of Warcraft. That shit is addictive. Like the crack fairy flies in your window and sprinkles magical fairy crack dust all over the keyboard every night while you sleep.

Oh, and if any of you lot have Skype, throw the details up here or something. I'll look up my name on it and edit it in here or something later. But it's like 1am and I (sadly) spent about 3 and a half of the past four hours whupping the shit out of Wailing Caverns and so I'm tired.

Monday, January 30

Happy Chinese New Year

And to any of you Taipeiers reading this - HAHA SUCK ON THAT WINTERY GOODNESS, while I luxuriate in the warm suns of Sihanoukville. Cambodia rocks so far. Poor as fuck and kind of disturbing, but the food and accomodation are cheap as, and god damn if the food isn't great here. Not that I've had any actual Khmer food yet, it's all been Western (plus Indian tonight), but still. Got another three days here in Sihanoukville, then back up to Phnom Penh and then Taipei and then work. Bugger. Once I get back to Taipei I'll whack up a few photos - no child whore photos though, you fucking perverts. Although it's really fucked up walking around here and seeing billboards and shit proclaiming, "Sexually exploiting children is a CRIME" and shit. While I know - unfortunately better than I wish I ever had to thanks to... certain people - that there are fuckups in this world who get a kick out of that... just... WTF? Seriously.

Saturday, January 14

The Triumphant Return

Yeah, there's not going to be a hell of a lot in this post, but it's only intended for one thing - to show I'm not dead yet, bitches. I'll be getting back to this thing again, after what, six months of break? Anyway, I'll get to posting at least once a week, even if it's just a piece of shit like this. If I can find my fucking digicam again, there should be some good stuff coming up in a couple of weeks, after Chinese New Year....