Monday, April 9

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' (What)

Went down on Saturday to the Taiwan Brazilian Jiujitsu Club to check out the free into lesson-thing with Pedro the Black Belt Pimp. One of the only adjectives I can think of to describe that stuff is "rapey". There's something inarguably rapey about throwing someone to the ground, pinning them there, and straddling their chest. Despite that, it was actually pretty fun, and finances allowing I might give that shit a shot.

In other news, have a free song. It's genuinely free too, like being given away by the artist and shit, and I've been listening to it heaps this past week. Be warned - heavy concentrations of white rapping nerds ahead.

Beefy (feat. Drown Radio) - The Sound


Frostfox said...

Quoting "Limp Bizkit" for your title won't get you the respect you seek.

Geof said...

And the fact you recognized that as a Limp Bizkit lyric is a pretty good indication of how much your respect is worth.

Frostfox said...

So I guess we are in the same boat.

Geof said...

Yep, this one.