Wednesday, April 25

Crackers Fit for a Fuhrer

It's no Dongda Hospital for Anus and Intestine Disease, but I finally discovered a new piece of quality English. I'm not sure if it's a pun, a bad idea, a bad translation, or completely innocent and anything wrong is in my mind rather than their product, though. Here's the source - a packet of rice crackers from Thailand:

It's not immediately obvious - which makes it even better - but look more closely at the top left corner:

Disregarding any possible Aryan connotations, the title is fair enough - this stuff is hell of tasty.

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Joytoyz said...

Looks like it needs a mascot. Like a grain of rice in sunglasses and big earphones and maybe a couple of heavy chains around his neck. He could have some buddies like Ice Rice and Rice T.