Tuesday, March 1

Unforeseen Circumstances; or Reasons Not To Drink Coffee At The Computer

I was about to type up an actual update, but I just managed to spill half of a big-ass cup of coffee all in my keyboard and now it's acting all kinds of funky and doing weird shit when I hit certain keys (like Backspace). Given that I've got like 40 pages of editing work and approximately a metric assload of translation shit to do in the next couple of weeks, this is not a good thing. Hopefully the piece of shit dries out OK overnight. Otherwise I guess I'll need to get a new keyboard. Which sucks 'cause this one's hell comfortable for typing, all ergonomic and not made anymore and shit. Ah well. That's what I get for not cleaning my desk I guess.

In the meantime read this shit and enjoy it. It works best if you actually go from right at the start of the archives, but considering it's been going for like three and a half years I could understand not doing that.


Anonymous said...

ok despite dropping coffee as some sort of lame arse excuse 4 not writing more blogs, how is the plot to take over that kats heart and remove boring pommy twat from picture coming along? I mean seriously you can't leave us hanging like that

Geof said...

Hmm prolly I did drop coffee all over the keyboard. Fucked me right off too, that was good coffee.

Anyway, the plot shall continue. There was a hiatus last week while she was getting her student visa sorted in Japan. Don't worry, things shall continue. TEH POM WILL GOES DOWN.