Tuesday, March 8


OK, so I got the goddamned keyboard piece of shit worked out... that old keyboard is officially screwed. Kind of a shame, it was a comfortable thing, but ah well. But in its place I'm now rocking the hardcore wireless stylez - wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless network... I AM TEH MAN OF TEH FUTURES.

And of all the luck, I get that shit sorted out only to find out that the bigass job I'd been negotiating before has officially been half-postponed. Apparently the magazine is still "in discussions" with the Government Information Office over how they want the stuff translated. What is there to discuss? You have it in Chinese and want it in English. Hardly neurosurgery. Mweh, whatever. Still got the proofing, but I've done most of that already, now I'm just slacking as always.

Had a blast from the relatively recent past since like Saturday - an old classmate from back at university is back in Taipei for a week or so at the moment. Been quite nice having an old familiar face about. Haven't hung out much yet, since I've been at work and/or he's been catching up with old friends from last time he was up here (he lived in Taipei for like six years until 2002). But he's crashing out in the lounge for the week, so there's a bit of hanging out. Plus he bought along some chocolate and salt & vinegar chips from back home, which is total gold.

God I can't wait for work to fully slack off. I need to have some time to get out and actually do some shit. So sick of the work-home-sleep-work-home-sleep shit.

Oh yeah, while I remember - had some fun on Sunday morning at about 3 am. Twin earthquakes, both apparently 5.9 Richter, one after the other, followed by a couple of aftershocks. Rocked mighty hell out of the apartment, but didn't manage to knock anything down amazingly. Pulled the front sliding door open an inch or two though, which is impressive because it's a task and a half to open that piece of shit by hand.

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