Tuesday, February 22

Photos from Lakulaku last Friday

As a brief intro, aforementioned young lass is a Japanese girl by the name of Kaori, a busker by "trade" for want of a better term, who performs live every Friday night at a Japanese (ish) bar/restaurant by the name of Lakulaku (#3, Alley 7, Lane 137, Yanji St, Taipei City - 台北市延吉街137巷7弄3號1樓) run by a Taiwanese guy, Kevin. In between her sets, sometimes some of the customers, or even Kevin himself, will take to the stage and perform impromptu, it's a fully informal setup. One particularly noteworthy regular is another Taiwanese guy whose English name is - get this - Slaughter. Seriously. Anyway, he's a big Tenacious D fan, and part of a ska band, and so sometimes he'll get up and start rocking out on the electric guitar playing Tribute, Fuck Her Gently, or Kielbasa. And he's just a hell of a loose unit in general too. Great guy really. Anyway, here go the photos from last week:

Kevin (owner of Lakulaku) and Kaori Posted by Hello

Kaori on stage Posted by Hello

Catgirl Kaori Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

You will love the westsyde kitty kat etc. ffffsssskkkk

Geof said...

Hmmm prolly