Friday, May 4

Reasons I Hate My Job

Perfect example today of why I want out of this buxiban gig. Unfortunately for the time being I need the money. Going to Norway ain't paying for itself.

After arriving a half-hour late for an hour-and-a-half appointment, she brings this much information:

Academic Background: Studied to first year senior high in Taiwan, moved to Canada, studied at UBC.
Applying for: Business
Goals: Europe is a hub of global business and a major player on the world stage. Chose to study in England to broaden her horizons beyond Taiwan and North America. Hopes to have a chance to develop in Europe and apply her studies to the workplace, and help develop trade links between China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Somehow I'm supposed to get a two-page long study plan out of that. For fuck's sake.

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Anonymous said...

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