Tuesday, April 25

The Borrowers

So, I'm a tool. So far, in the space of a few weeks, I've managed to lose:

  • All the data - including the MP3s I had yet to back up, which was about half of them - on my hard-drive, by blindly reformatting the whole fucking thing.
  • A 1-Gig USB drive with my email and bookmarks and work from the past couple of months on it.
  • My fucking digital camera.
Socks I can deal with. Loose change, big deal. Even my keys. But FFS, this is just getting retarded.


Anonymous said...

clean your room up eh

Geof said...

Hmm prolly. 'cept that I lost the camera in a bar, the USB drive on a bus, and the data on my computer. So prolly will be more pointless.