Monday, January 30

Happy Chinese New Year

And to any of you Taipeiers reading this - HAHA SUCK ON THAT WINTERY GOODNESS, while I luxuriate in the warm suns of Sihanoukville. Cambodia rocks so far. Poor as fuck and kind of disturbing, but the food and accomodation are cheap as, and god damn if the food isn't great here. Not that I've had any actual Khmer food yet, it's all been Western (plus Indian tonight), but still. Got another three days here in Sihanoukville, then back up to Phnom Penh and then Taipei and then work. Bugger. Once I get back to Taipei I'll whack up a few photos - no child whore photos though, you fucking perverts. Although it's really fucked up walking around here and seeing billboards and shit proclaiming, "Sexually exploiting children is a CRIME" and shit. While I know - unfortunately better than I wish I ever had to thanks to... certain people - that there are fuckups in this world who get a kick out of that... just... WTF? Seriously.


Anonymous said...

ha adding to the blog once a week...I should have known better than to believe that...he must be how was Micheal Cambodia land? I mean the rest of it.

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Anonymous said...

oh yeah and get your arse on skype bitch.