Wednesday, August 20

EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama is a Kenyan!

There's been a lot of buzz, particularly in the right-wing blogosphere, about the fact presidential hopeful Barack Hussein Obama is, in fact, a citizen of Kenya as well as of the United States. Naturally people are concerned, and this is a natural follow-on from the controversy over his faked birth certificate. Well, I am proud to announce a break-through in this. I have for you now, exclusive in the blogosphere, Barack Hussein Obama's real birth certificate:

As you can see, the evidence is damning, and this man must not be allowed to put into place a new Islamic caliphate in the center of the Christian world!

Credit for the image to Something Awful forums poster Tacodaemon for posting this on the forum, and presumably creating it.

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Anonymous said...

in 1961, there is no PC's yet. your letter above is clearly made by a modern computer.

shame on you.