Monday, February 19

Bah Humpig

I feel for any of you who're stuck with watching Western media over Chinese New Year, because their bullshit is grating already. First is CNN's constant reference to the "Golden Pig" year being "rare" - bullshit it's rare. It's no more rare than October 10, or any other date or time you can predict 100% accurately in advance and that happens regularly, once per cycle. In this case, it's exactly the same time every 60 years, just like every other combination of zodiac and element in the Chinese system. Is April 3 "rare" because it only happens once every 365 days?

Second is their harping on this. Yes, it's definitely a superstition in these parts - and people are retarded superstitious - but here's a reality check on all that "Golden Pig babies are destined for good fortune" - people born during the last Golden Pig year include:

And that's just getting into the K's. Destined for good fortune my comically oversized ass.

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Joytoyz said...

Holy shite, angry much?

Totally agree with the golden babies thing. Is there a year in ancient Chinese zodiac where it's NOT 'lucky' to have a baby?

Btw, I'm currently working on a golden project. I am going to take pictures of every Chinese restaurant with "golden" in its name. Aspirations!