Friday, January 12

Reasons Why Not, #1

So yesterday (local time), the pretty bastard piece of kit on the left was announced. And already in the Herald I see a story reflecting one of the reasons that despite the frequent idiocy and frustration Taiwan provides, I'm in no hurry to return to NZ for any substantial length of time:

Running Apple's new iPhone could in the future cost New Zealand users hundreds of dollars a month. And it could be 10 years before the mobile broadband needed to run the phones is affordable.
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Meanwhile here in Taipei, I've got an, IIRC, 8M-down broadband connection at home, no data cap, flat monthly rate of like NZ$20 a month, and a city mostly covered by a (non-free) WiFi network, and shittons of WiFi hotspots, free and pay, throughout the city. That shit is going to be no concern. The only major concern is going to be the whopping fucking US$500 price tag. Fuck that noise. I may want an iPhone, but not for that price.

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Anonymous said...

eh haurangi big si is engaged to syynove, proposed before he left NZ. wedding norway in July/August