Sunday, July 17

Welcome back

Well, got back to Taiwan fine. Fuck me if it isn't hot as shit here though. Took a couple of days to get back into it, and work was already waiting for me by the time I got back in. Best thing though? Got back just in time for this piece of shit:
(pic was taken at about 7:30am Taiwan time. It's much closer now, at about 12pm.)
The first typhoon of the season, Super Typhoon Haitang. Yes, SUPER typhoon. This is going to be one big motherfucker of a storm this is. Should be fun.


adikt said...

looks like a wicked storm.
of course, might be easier to see if the pic was actually THERE :P

Anonymous said...

eh tell us less. post biartch

adikt said...

i think hes trying to tell us less.
and succeeding quite well too i might add.
i second that call to post however.

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